Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Raise your hand if you like fall!!!
:: raises hand::
It is upon us - the season of autumn.
Now don't be like "Come on Kate, the first day of fall is in September." Yes my dears, it is. But do all of you live in Arkansas, where it's in the mid 70's till early October?
There is now a bite in the air when I go running in the morning and I have to put on a scarf and hat when I walk to the bus stop.
Hot lattes with names like Pumpkin Spice are being sold at coffee shops and the trees match the orange found in the Halloween aisle at Walmart.
I know I'm technically a month or so into fall - but now I can say that it truly feels like fall. As I stand outside and look at the firey trees, while bundled up more than usual, I can almost forget the melting temperatures of August ;)
Does it feel like fall where you are?

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