Sunday, June 13, 2010

I just realized that we missed this blog's three year anniversary in April....

Wow. Three years....

Three years ago, I was in Sag Harbor, the northern most part of Long Island. I was living in a small and quirky apartment just above main street with Al and two other couples. If you jumped too high, your head would hit the ceiling. I adored it. I bought fresh fruit every morning on the way to my nannying job and watched the boats dock in the harbor at night as I walked home.

Steinbeck had lived there for quite some time. I can imagine him strolling down the uneven streets, enjoying the bright colors of the sunsets and skipping stones in the water.

That incredible experience oddly doesn't cross my mind much except in the summers. I think about it constantly. The food, the book stores, the beaches. Sag Harbor was the less touristy part of the Hamptons....a little slice of heaven.

So....happy birthday to Happy in the Hamptons. Truer words were never spoken ;)


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