Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have been running in the early mornings since highschool. I remember starting out slow on my treadmill freshman year. Gradually I picked up the pace and would run the hills of Marion.

Now I'm a pro at this. With three marathons under my belt and countless more in the future, running in the mornings has become my meditation, my daily ritual.

I've started running on Wednesday mornings with a small group of women from the Fayetteville area. We are all at different running speeds but all share the desire to be up and mobile in the early mornings.

Today was the second Wednesday since I joined this group. My friend L., who has run two marathons with me, has also joined. She and I kept such a steady and quick pace that the other women in the group are calling us "the fast girls" :)


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strawb3rries said...

Kudos to being "the fast girls"!!! It's true. We really ARE pimpsicles!