Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day #9 - Someone you Love

I'm one of those few lucky people who met their favorite person while they were relatively young.

My hubby, Al.

From an outside view, Al and I are complete opposites. He loves video games, disc golf and cartoons. I love black and white movies, theater, reading and running. His dream is to go to Comic Con. Mine would be to meet Jane Austen or Kristen Chenowith.  But we share loves of family friends and life. We take our passions extremely seriously and share an odd 12 year
old boy sense of humor :)

Most of all - we are devoted to each other. Sure, things aren't perfect but it is there, unsaid (although we have both said it!), that we want to grow old with each other :) I guess that's all that you can ask for.


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