Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've always wished I could save the afternoon sun. Maybe in a bottle or a jar. One that I could open on a rainy day or when I was sad.

But thinking about it - would it be the same? Sure the warm rays would be nice...but it's so much about the moment in time when they hit your face or what you're doing or whom you are with.


Do you know what happens, Kate, when a dream comes true and you feel your joy bubbling over into wide grins, happy dances, and shrieks of "Holy @#$%!!" and the like?
Your energy actually spills over into the oceans of time and reaches into the past where it laps upon the shores of a former here and now, infusing a former unsuspecting self (who is still merrily living their life due to time's "simultaneousity") with a flash of inspiration or a burst of intuition; a hope for what the future might hold.
Whew... and that, my friend, is the truth about where dreams come from.
    The Universe

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