Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(Picture of K. and I inside the stuck elevator)

Day 30 - Self Portrait

Last day of the 30 day photo challenge - I'm almost sad. It's given my composition some structure!

I know this isn't a self portrait but I'm going to combine an entry about an adventure I had last night with the photo challenge.

I have been doing data entry at another place besides the university, 6 hours a week. It's good networking and the extra money is nice. Last night when I was leaving with my coworkers, the elevator came to a halt between the ground and first floors. It would not budge.

Ok. Don't panic.

Immediately my supervisor, K, pushed the big emergency call button and a friendly voice answered "Hello?"

To make a long story short….the firemen were called. When they couldn't figure out how to get us out, the manufacturer of the elevator was called. Finally, in a very "oceans's 11- esque" way, a ceiling panel of the elevator was lifted off and we were pulled out through the ceiling.

Sooo…cons of staying in an elevator for an hour and a half : it gets stuffy, there is NO bathroom and there is NO cell phone service. Pros: you have some amazingly crazy conversations that only end in laughter and friendship J


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