Saturday, November 15, 2008

I had a fun college visit today.

Not in the way you might think.

I ran a 5K at NWACC (North West Arkansas Community College), sponsored by the multi cultural club. My friend Diana, who ran with me, heard about it from a newly made friend and signed us up. This is our drug. We love the spirit, camaraderie and treats at the finish line!

The Midwestern weather hit us with a bang as soon as the race started. Cold air was pouring into my lungs and choking me, but I stayed strong and finished 5th over all. I was also the first woman to cross the finish line. The first through 4th placers were all guys in the 40's, and each one came up to me and said "good race".

Right after the 5K was a 1 mile "dog race". There were adorable puppies everywhere. Diana and I snuggled with a few and then ran off to explore the "living laboratory" we spotted off to the side, as we were running. There was fun wooden playground-like equipment there. But the cold weather, made it no day to linger. After a short stint in the playhouse, we hurried back for awards.

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Shelene said...

How fun! Congrats on your finish. :)