Friday, December 5, 2008

I have been to few holiday parties in my life - and although the classroom Christmas parties in elementary and middle school will always remain my favorite, I have to say that work parties now run a close second.

Smack dab in the middle of Lights of the Ozarks (the annual light display on the Fayetteville town square) was the party, commencing at the URBAN TABLE restaurant. I was excited - it was a time for coworkers to relax and have fun. We've all been extremely stressed lately, since the merging of the Ft. Smith and Fayetteville Cumulus markets. This was the perfect time to "go a- Wassailing".
No Wassail to be found - but wine, good food and chocolate. Our General Manager MC-ed the event and handed out the prizes for "best manager" etc. He wore his regular three piece suit, but had his collar unbuttoned a little and a relaxed grin on his face.
I brought my friend Katie with me as Al had to work. Everyone loved her - best of all, barely anyone talked about work. Yep, it may have been a work party but there is no place for discussions of that. I'm glad my coworkers and I were able to sit back, relax and hang out ;)

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