Monday, December 29, 2008

It’s 7AM and I just finished my run.

I can stetch and take a nice long hot shower….or….

Capture the orange and pink sunrise, something that has been replaced for the past few weeks by a dull gray.

I’ll take the latter.

Ducking inside, grabbing a quick gulp of water, I grab my new Christmas present (NIKON D40) and head out for the little hill just past my apartment complex. The view is perfect. Pink, orange, and yellow ribbons litter the sky. Do I care that people are staring at me and wondering what that sweaty girl, still dressed in her running gear is doing, snapping away at the sunrise?

Nope. Not so much.


Brian said...

Jeepers...I like the colors in this one. Nice going, and congrats on the gift. Have you worn out the shutter yet? It wouldn't surprise me.

Happy in the Hamptons said...

The first day I wore out the battery and had to recharge it ;) haha. I was way excited.