Sunday, September 4, 2011

Me, now.
Circa 2007, on Broadway before a Les Miz performance.
The Sag Harbor Carnival, 2007

Around this time of year, I often get into a little funk.

It's not a bad thing really. This is when I first moved to Arkansas and left Sag Harbor, I miss the Midwest Autumns and it's my birthday.

I'll be turning 28 this year....which is a little nuts. I know, I know. 28 is YOUNG. People keep telling me that. Older people...who act slightly offended sometimes that I think that I'M getting old :-P

But 28 is old FOR me. I thought when I hit double digits age wise (at 10), that I could be considered old. hadn't even crossed my mind.

But it'll be a good year. I have a loving and wonderful family, a devoted husband, a beautiful niece and nephew and great friends :) I am truly blissed out ;)


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