Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ask anyone I know - I am NOT an authority on politics.
I remember - I think it was in 4th grade - my friend Heidi and I wanted to do a debate for one of our classes, on what was better: being a republican or democrat. We ended up choosing a different topic as we decided "both parties no longer stuck to their original purpose anymore."
We were overachievers :)
But seriously - when asked about the senate, the electoral college, the cabinet...I can't hold an intelligent conversation with anyone. I steer clear of all polical conversations at work or with friends - the last thing I want to do is get into a heated debate over something that I can't really.... debate.
There's one thing I do know though.
You've gotta vote.
No matter who you vote for.
Recently I got this YOUTUBE video in a forward from one of my friends - It was about 7 minutes long and had a bunch of movie stars in it telling you "NOT TO VOTE.....unless of course you care about what happens to this country and you want to exercise your rights..."
It is one of our freedoms - one of our rights.
I feel sometimes like I'm a tiny speck in a huge mosaic of what actually matters in this life. But at least this speck has a tiny little voice and maybe someone will listen.
So yeah. VOTE :)Posted by Picasa

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