Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Sunday this week was a lazy one- full of time for me to read and work on photography.
I hadn't gone through my digital photo collection in a while- something I like to do at least a couple of times a month - it's like visiting old friends. During this week's treasure hunt, I happened upon this photo. It was taken during the Chicago Semester farewell dinner at some Greek Restaurant in Chicago, IL. I rememberI was the only vegetarian there.
These strapping young lads were the only guys in my Chicago Semester program - where I worked and studied in Chicago for 6 months during my senior year in college. They were a unique bunch - I remember they stuck to themselves during first week of orientation (much to the dismay of the 50 + girls).
I look back at that time with a great deal of fondness. I met some of my best gal friends there (two are going to be bridesmaids in my wedding) and had the most amazing adventures. For 6 months, I was literally living a fairytale. I gained so much respect for myself and other people during those short 6 months. They made me more independent, more confident and more relaxed. And of course, Chicago is where I met Al, my soon to be husband.
It's a city of surprises, I'll tell you that much! This photo was a nice find. I wasn't particularly close to any of these guys pictured - but I still wonder what they've been up to and if they miss Chicago and the times we had there as much as I do. ;)
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