Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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I love finding proof that someone was at a spot before me.

For example- while waiting for the bus last week, I saw a pencil on the ground, woven into the grass blades.
I could have just kicked it away...but...
my imagination instantly kicks in (and I have a 30 minute wait for the bus so I have some time to day dream).
It could have been from a student, waiting to catch the bus before class. They had been studying at Barnes and Noble (near the bus stop), cramming for a midterm. Right before stepping onto the bus, they were writing a last minute note and drop the pencil.
It could have been from a poet-a local artist. Sitting on the grassy hill, taking in the fayetteville sunshine, they were inspired to write. Pausing to reflect on what they had written, they stuck the pencil behind their ear. It slips into the grass unheeded.
It could have been from a young mother - waiting for the bus to take her to the mall to do her shopping. She makes a list of what she needs on a scratch sheet of paper. The bus creeps up on her, she's startled and lets the pencil fall.
By this time, in my bus stop day dream, the bus has usually arrived. Such thoughts are solace for a hurried hour and I gladly dwell in them after a long day at work.

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