Sunday, November 30, 2008

Al and I will leaving Minnesota in a few hours - I already miss it.
I don't know if its the good friends that I leave behind or the prospect of going to work tomorrow morning - but I'd be happy to live here forever (although maybe not in my sisters house - I'd love it but she put up with me as a room mate for long enough when we were kids!)
Yesterday I met up with some of mine and Emily's oldest friends- Carrie, Doug and Jordan Wright. I met Jordan in preschool. Our two families stayed in contact ever since the Wrights moved away from Marion Iowa when we were in Kindergarden. Now Jordan is married and starting a new life in the twin cities. He's still the same old Jordan but there's also a "settled-ness" about him that is nice. He says he "works, goes to the gym and then comes home to hang out with his wife." It was said with the true feeling that there is not a better way he could spend his time, which is perfect ;)
The biggest joy of coming here, besides seeing Em and Brian was playing with Miles. He's such a sweet kid - with the biggest grin. And Em and Brian are the best parents in the world.
SIGH. Yep, time to leave and return to reality.
But I'll be back.

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