Monday, December 1, 2008

As soon as my plane took off from the ground from the Minneapolis airport - I wanted to return to my sis, brother in and law and nephew - with Al in tow. There was just too much love to be left behind. Em and I keep growing closer and Miles keeps getting bigger. Brian is always fun and wonderful. Who wouldn't want to be around them?

But today, as I returned to work, I realized that love is never Left Behind. It stays with you - through thick and thin - for better or for worse. True love - love of a family or of a nephew or sister. Miles won't forget me and Em and I will only get closer. Brian and I will continue to talk photography, and I will sing badly to his wonderful music.

I'm just so impatient by nature that I want to be with them and all my loved ones not here RIGHT NOW. I want to live in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota so that I can have dinner with friends and family whenever I want to, or go and catch a movie. But I can't. I can pick up the phone. I can send a letter, postcard or email. But I can't see a friend's face or hug them or smell their smell.

I guess with Love comes patience. We all have stuff to learn and wait for :)


Brian said...

Great musings, Kate. But...I can't see the photos on this post!

Happy in the Hamptons said...

I know! My computer is stupid. I'm going to try and up load them again and then we'll see what happens. ;)