Saturday, November 29, 2008

So I'm proud to say that AGAIN I have missed the biggest shopping day of the year. During my many years in retail, I was forced to WORKED on said day, but I have never participated in the 4am frenzy to get the best deal.
Al, Em, Brian and I did go to the Mall of America two days before black Friday. Al had never been - I guess now he can check it off his list of things that he's done in life. I remember when the mall was first being built. I think I was in high school. I had heard tell of this five story mall that was being built. At the time my penchant for shopping far exceeds what it is today so my interested was naturally piqued.
It was nice to window shop with my loved ones, however. Strolling around, admiring the Christmas decor and thinking how insane it was going to be on Friday - and how we were going to be safe at home :)

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